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Omnichannel fulfillment, direct to consumer fulfillment, and retail distribution: Explore leading-edge techniques, technologies, and success stories here. Questions? We’re here to help.

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E-commerce sales grew by more than $62 billion in 2017 and accounted for almost half of all retail growth.

E-commerce is a high-demand channel for retailers. It requires flexible and robust fulfillment operations that can scale with growth and meet intensive direct-to-consumer customer expectations.

Here’s a formula for designing the optimal e-commerce fulfillment center network.

Omni-channel retail can be complex. When it comes to fulfillment, outsourcing your order fulfillment services can turn a complex fulfillment operation into a competitive advantage. However, the value your order fulfillment partner provides should be anything but complex. It should be transparent and fully accountable.

And it should help you achieve a healthy ROI. Find out how to get what you want.

Consumers want it all—the convenience of e-commerce and the personal experience of physical stores, creating highly fluid shopping experiences. According to Aberdeen Group, companies with a strong omni-channel strategy retain on average 89% of their customers. That’s compared with only 33% for companies with weak or no omni-channel strategy.

Every channel you sell through adds complexity to your business. Are you ready for the transition? Learn about the 6 hurdles that can make or break your success.

Order Fulfillment Check-up

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Do your customers’ orders typically ship same-day?

At FIDELITONE, 100% of orders ship same day if received by 3pm local time. People, processes, and technology all factor into the on-time order experience.

Do your customers receive orders on time?

1-2 day fulfillment is expected. Strategically located order fulfillment distribution centers and the right technologies are key.

Is your order accuracy near perfect?

99.5% is where you should be. The right technologies for picking and packing orders can virtually eliminate errors in order fulfillment.

Do you have accurate visibility into your inventory at all times?

FIDELITONE offers third-party integration for inventory management and real-time, Web-based, 24/7 visibility to inventory across all inventory locations.

Are your customers a source of loyal, ongoing business?

Customer churn rate should be 7% or less. At FIDELITONE, we pledge to deliver exceptional experiences to you and your customers, every time, earning your customers’ loyalty.


Path to Loyalty

Discover the FIDELITONE proven process for earning customer loyalty.

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7order fulfillment centers

1-2day order fulfillment

98%of the U.S. population

Do your customers’ orders typically ship same-day?

Are your customers a source of loyal, ongoing business?

When you entrust your brand promise to FIDELITONE, we take it seriously. Whether you require omnichannel fulfillment, direct-to-consumer fulfillment, or retail distribution, FIDELITONE offers flexible services to meet your requirements. Clients using direct-selling, e-commerce, and wholesale distribution to retailers choose FIDELITONE for a wide range of product categories. We deliver on your brand promise.

Order fulfillment locations map

98%of the US population in 1-2 days by ground service

We know your customers are waiting.

FIDELITONE operates fulfillment centers strategically located to reach 98% of the US population in 1-2 days by ground service.

FIDELITONE order fulfillment associations
Sell Sheet

“We work with numerous 3PLs to support our global manufacturing and FIDELITONE is the only one we trust to ship finished
goods directly to our customers.”

Operations Business Integrator
Medical Device Manufacturer

While expanding retail channels and growing an ecommerce business, retailer makes all the right moves for efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Optimized order fulfillment network earns customer loyalty and saves retailer money


At a Glance


Marketer of political satire and historical gift products

Online retailer



Ecommerce and retail

Health & Wellness


Key Challenge

Reduce transit time and improve service levels

Long transit time with high freight expense



Omni-channel fulfillment services

East and West coast fulfillment centers












reduction in
freight expense



>$138K/yr savingsin order fulfillment costs

Reduced overall distribution costs

>$138K/yr savingsin order fulfillment costs, compared with previous rates.

“We were impressed with how smoothly and quickly the move and the IT integration went. As we have grown, the FIDELITONE team has always been flexible and responsive to everything we need. Our orders
get out promptly and accurately! Thank you.”

Owner, Retail Gift Corporation

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